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Our guiding verse

"Serve one another,
each one with the gift
which he has received."
(1 Peter 4:10)

Moving the world with God.

Our motivation
God has moved near to us in Jesus Christ. This inspires and motivates us. His love is available to all people. That's why our desire is to let him move us, to other people, so that they also might experience faith, love and hope. In all this, we know that we can't change the world. Jesus Christ is the only one who brings change and salvation.

Our approach
Working alongside Christian partner organisations and local churches, our desire is to build the church of Christ worldwide and support overrseas development. We place particular importance on being firmly rooted in Godʼs Word and on working together in partnership. Trust in God, courage, reliability, willingness to serve and creativity are values our work is built upon. By taking 1 Peter 4:10 as our guiding verse, we want to express that everyone is gifted by God, and that everyone is called to stand up for Jesus Christʼs name and for each other. We invite people to be Coworkers, contributing their gifts of prayer, donations, professional experience, time and creativity.

Our services and programmes
Through providing financial assistance to local Christians and sending professionals, volunteers and interns, we seek to support, empower and encourage people in their lives and faith. Would you like to be a Coworker, too? Letʼs co!


Authorized Directors of the Board:
Dieter Abrell • Managing Director of ChristusBewegung Lebendige Gemeinde
Rev. Reinhard Holmer • Director of Deaconess Motherhouse Elbingerode

Further Board Members:
Felix Hartmann • Physics Student • Former Coworkers Volunteer
Sister Friederike Kehnel • Deaconess Motherhouse Aidlingen
Dr. Norbert Lurz • Undersecretary at the Ministry of Education and the Arts, Baden-Württemberg
Daniel Mattmüller • Liebenzell Mission
Monika Mench • dmg interpersonal e.V.
Rev. Dr. Paul C. Murdoch • Founder and Chairman of AKREF from the IIRF
Rev. Jürgen Sachs • Parish Priest
Rev. Ulrich Schlappa • Retired Parish Priest
Dr. Günther Slesak • Paul-Lechler Hospital for Tropical Diseases, Tübingen • Former Coworkers Professional

The Board makes decisions for the associations. A Management Team is in charge of their implementation and everyday business.

Management Team:
Bernd Lutz (Professionals, Christliche Fachkräfte International e.V.)
Désirée Schad (Volunteers)
Tobias Köhler (Projects, Hilfe für Brüder International e.V.)



Management Team: Désirée Schad, Tobias Köhler, Bernd Lutz



Education partner

Since September 2012, Hilfe für Brüder International e.V. (Coworkers Projects) has been an official partner of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Heidenheim for the practical part of the course Social Management, and since 2014 for the practical part of the course Business Administration for the Service Sector (Non-Profit Organisations, Associations and Foundations) at the DHBW in Stuttgart.

Since May 2017, Christliche Fachkräfte International e.V. (Coworkers Professionals) has been an official partner of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) for the pratical part of the course Business Administration for the Service Sector /Non-Profit Organisations of the DHBW in Stuttgart.

Newsletter and information

If you like to be informed regularly about our work, you can subscribe to our newsletter (in German). It is sent every 1-2 months and informs people about ongoing projects and news from our professionals, volunteers and interns.

Our print publication "Projekte zur Fürbitte" (in German) presents new projects: You can subscribe to receive it by post (Magazin "Projekte") or by email ("Newsletter Projekte"). Our print publication "Fachkräfte zur Fürbitte" (in German) gives insight into the work of our development workers and interns. You can subscribe to receive it it by post (Magazin "Fachkräfte") or by email ("Newsletter Fachkräfte").

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