Hilfe für Brüder International


We support Christian initiatives through financial assistance on a worldwide basis.

Supporting together

Everyday, Christians face challenges: Discipleship and church growth. Leadership responsibilities and mission. Persecution and loss. Natural disasters, civil wars, a lack of drinking water. And still today, not everyone knows Jesus Christ. To face these needs, Coworkers collaborates with Christians in 100 countries all over the world. Our sisters and brothers ask us for help - in considerable concerns, and for small beginnings. To help them, we share your financial support. And we invite you to join us in praying for them. And by doing so, to stand together - in faith, life and need. Will you be a part of it?

Letʼs co!


Let's co!

"Why is it Bible schools and missionary activities that you support?", you may ask. "That's not the help that countries need!" This is a question we hear again and again. But what should we say when children are having to go to sleep hungry because their food has been sacrificed to the spirits, or when people surrender to their fate because they don't have any hope for the future? Our partner organisations testify to the love of God in word and deed. They are convinced that a personal relationship with Jesus gives life meaning and people orientation. 'Together in faith', therefore, stands for our promotion of theological education, discipleship and church planting and development.

Jesus preached great sermons as well as healing the sick and giving people food to eat. Taking him as our role model, we would like to play our part, alongside yourselves, in improving living conditions in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. That is why we support Christian organisations in the implementation of their projects, whether that mean providing a water supply or education. The motivation for these projects is always Christian charity and all support provided should testify to the love of Jesus. Do you want to be a 'coworker' with us and our worldwide partners, too?

Natural disasters and wars are destroying the livelihoods of people all around the world. We do not want to close our eyes to their suffering. In many countries, we have had proven partnerships on the ground for many years, and want to stand by our brothers and sisters worldwide in times of need - through prayer and rapid support. Will you join us in helping people in need to be reached, with food packages, blankets or seeds?

Thank you for your support!

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This is how we work

Discover the basics of our work at Coworkers Projects.

Local partners

Providing practical help, through the projects of local Christians. They know the country and people best.

Reliable partnerships in practice

We pass on your support to trustworthy partners. God has his people everywhere; in many nations, peoples and tongues.

Promoting independence

Strengthening proven, home-grown initiatives in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. Promoting growth without creating dependency.

Word and deed as one

Projects where word and deed go hand-in-hand - from emergency aid and pastoral care to diaconia and mission - and which are a testimony to Jesus love.

Supporting persecuted Christians

Strengthening hard-pressed and persecuted Christians. In many countries, Christians are a vanishingly small minority, oppressed and without rights.

Not too small to be seen

It is important to us to support small initiatives and less popular topics.